Monday, October 13, 2014

14k Two Tone Gold 7mm Double Hoop Elegant Earrings (Diameter: 15mm)

14k Two Tone Gold 7mm Double Hoop Elegant Earrings (Diameter: 15mm)

AshwaRetail is your source of exquisite jewelry, accessories and apparel and selling on ebay since a long time to customers across the world. We meticulously select our suppliers and take every care to ensure the quality of the products we bring to you. Some of the products we sell are hand made by artisans or manufactured by micro-entrepreneurs and Self-Help-Groups to whom we provide extensive quality assurance training. 

We reach out into the niches of the global cottage industry and help micro entrepreneurs produce jewelry, accessories and apparel that exceed global quality standards in design, durability and variety. A part of the profit we earn selling you is in turn shared with the micro entrepreneurs and is used for development and educational programs for the villages and self-help groups run by ASHWA - Association for Self Help Workers Advancement.
ASHWA is empowering the global cottage industry by building handicraft talent and showing to the world that living in a village or an under developed geography does not mean that their products cannot go in the international market. ASHWA is proving that where there is talent, there is opportunity, regardless of geography.

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